Weekly Cryptalk: The Curious Case of QuadrigaCX; ICO's Aren't Lifeless But – Infosurhoy

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Weekly Cryptalk #18:

Last week, Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX filed for creditor protection in Canada. Its CEO died while traveling in India, and the password to access the exchange’s cryptocurrency assets was reportedly lost upon his demise. Or was it?

Reports are emerging which question QuadrigaCX’s version of events. There’s a claim circulating that funds still moved out of the exchange after the CEO’s reported death. We take a look at the available facts and try to understand what might have really happened. (Begins at 02:14)

ICOBench, a website that rates initial coin offerings, released its report for Q4 2018 this week. According to the report, ICOs may not be quite dead yet. The agency says $1.4 billion in funds were raised in the last quarter of the year via such offerings. We’ll drill down deeper to gain some insights from the report. (Begins at 07:48)

Finally, Google and Facebook are making moves into the crypto industry. Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is developing a suite of tools to analyze Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction data, while Facebook announced its first blockchain ‘acquisition’ by bringing in Chainspace’s key team members. Facebook’s own blockchain team is now 40 people strong. What is big tech looking for and what’s next for these two giants? (Begins at 13:23)

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