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Cryptocurrency is becoming a method of payment for many places, but two video content websites are providing an opportunity for posters to earn crypto as well. These two websites, and, allow consumers to be paid for their video content with the use of cryptocurrency. provides a platform for video uploads that offers two different methods of getting revenue – by uploading content or posting. To get paid, the content creators can use tips and pay-per-view sessions. Tipping is the default mode, as users can pay for content that they like.

The pay-per-view option requires the user to pay ahead of time to get access to the content. The registration does not require email or even identity verification, so the registration is fairly easy. Instead, the user just needs to create a username and password.

At Cinema Cash, the videos are characterized like movie genres, including action, documentary, comedy, cryptocurrency, and science fiction. Users have an option of using their video content for fundraising events. The only real difference between Cinema Cash and is that’s content is geared towards “adult interests.”

Both of the platforms have quite a large array of videos at the moment, and they are both compatible with uploading from YouTube, Twitch TC, and Vimeo. Considering how simple the uploading process is, creators basically make their own opportunities.

Along with the use of BCH, there is a token called “Cash” that the creators of the websites intend to promote tipping with. The application developer, which is not named in a report by, said,

“To incentivize tipping, we are also giving away chances to win Cash tokens for every tipping done. Cash tokens holders are all entitled to a share of the platform profits based on the percentage of Cash tokens they hold — Essentially, we are giving the platform away to the Bitcoin Cash community.”

Members have several tabs on the websites to filter through the content and the various functions. The “Upload Video” tab lets the user link a video, though the user will have to choose during the upload process if the content is free or “pay-per-view.”

They customize the video with all of the typical details, like video title and category, and are given the ability to choose a screenshot for the video when it is displayed to watchers. Video content posters can see their earnings at the Withdrawal section, which includes their balances for both BCH and Cash tokens.

The Porn Cash website has substantially more “pay-per-view” material, but posts on Reddit show that users of both websites are fairly pleased with the selection and prices. Both websites are currently in the beta stage, though the developer of the platform has expressed their hope of an official announcement on the development of the projects.

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