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Coinbase’ new promotional campaign is well underway. Dubbed “the 12 days of Coinbase” the firm have spent the last 6 days announcing several donations to worthy causes as well as additions to the platform.

Yesterdays “gift” came in the form of a donation to Syrian refugees, working together with givecrypto.org , a platform in which users can donate cryptocurrency (as the name suggests). Recipients receive direct cash transfers in their native currency enabling them to buy essentials.

Coinbase utilized GiveCrypto in order to send $10,000 USD to support 15 Yazidi families in Kurdistan and 5 Syrian families in Beirut.

“With Coinbase’s support, GiveCrypto.org is poised to support even more refugee families in Greece, where crypto transfers can do even more to support those rocked by unstable financial institutions and lack of access” stated Coinbase’s announcement.

This isn’t the first of Coinbase’s charitable acts this; on the 2nd day of giveaways, Coinbase gave $10,000 USD in the form of Zcash to help families in Venezuela who have been ravaged by the country’s economic crisis.

This donation will put $1 USD worth of crypto directly into crypto wallets for 100+ families in Santa Elena de Uairen every day for three months. Recipients can purchase food and basic supplies at a local store that accepts payments in crypto.” The announcement said. 

However, it’s not just humanitarian acts coming from this promotional campaign, as reported On the 5th day of Christmas Coinbase gave US customers the option to withdraw directly into PayPal making the transfer of crypto to fiat ever more simplistic.  

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